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Short Stories in Urdu: بنی اسرائیل کی حسین اور مغرور ملکہ جسکی لاش کتوں کی خوراک بنی


Short Stories in Urdu, بنی اسرائیل کی حسین اور مغرور ملکہ جسکی لاش کتوں کی خوراک بنی

Short Stories in Urdu

Jezebel, likewise spelled Jezabel, (passed on c. 843 BCE), in the Bible (books of Kings), the spouse of King Ahab, who administered the realm of Israel. By disrupting the restrictive love of the Hebrew God, Yahweh, by ignoring the freedoms of the commoners, and by challenging the extraordinary prophets Elijah and Elisha, she incited the internecine hardship that debilitated Israel for quite a long time. She has come to be known as a model of the mischievous lady.
Jezebel was the girl of the cleric lord Ethbaal, leader of the beach front Phoenician urban communities (presently in Lebanon) of Tire and Sidon (Arabic: Ṣaydā). At the point when Jezebel wedded Ahab (managed c. 874-c. 853 BCE), she convinced him to present the love of the Tyrian god Baal-Melkart, a nature god. A lady of furious energy, she attempted to obliterate the people who went against her; a large portion of the prophets of Yahweh were killed at her order. These horrible and dictatorial activities incited the exemplary fury of Elijah; as per 1 Kings 17, he precisely forecasted the beginning of a serious dry season as heavenly retaliation. In a little while Elijah had the Baal ministers killed, after they lost a challenge with him to see which god would notice supplications to light a bull offering, Baal or Yahweh. At the point when Jezebel knew about the butcher, she indignantly committed to have Elijah killed, driving him to escape for his life (1 Kings 18:19-19:3).
The last horrendous demonstration credited to Jezebel is kept in 1 Kings 21:5-16. Nearby Ahab's royal residence was a grape plantation, which he desired; it had a place with an ordinary person, Naboth of Jezreel (an old city at the foot of Mount Gilboa, most likely the site of the cutting edge Israeli settlement of a similar name). At the point when Naboth wouldn't leave behind his grape plantation ("the legacy of my dads"), Jezebel dishonestly accused him of cursing "God and the lord," which prompted Naboth's passing by stoning. Elijah defied Ahab in the grape plantation, anticipating that he and every one of his main beneficiaries would be obliterated and that canines in Jezreel would eat up Jezebel.
A couple of years after the fact Ahab died fighting with the Syrians. Jezebel lived on for around an additional decade. Elijah's replacement, Elisha the, not entirely set in stone to end Baal love, had a tactical leader named Jehu blessed to be lord of Israel, a demonstration that incited nationwide conflict, for Jezebel's child Jehoram (Joram) then dominated. Jehu killed Jehoram at the site of Naboth's property and afterward went to Jezebel's castle. Expecting him, she decorated herself for the event. Peering down from her window, she provoked him, and Jehu requested her eunuchs to toss her through the window. Afterward, when he told that she be appropriately covered as a lord's little girl, it was found that canines had eaten the majority of her body.

Short Stories in Urdu

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